About Me

Hi, I’m Xu Dehai from China, and enjoying my university life in USTB(University of Science and Technology Beijing) . I also have an English name-higery, so I think it maybe easier for others to call me. I’m preparing for the gsoc2011 qualification these days and registered this blog as a basic requirement to pass final screening.

How do I know Open Source and Free Software

It is three years ago that I began using Java to write programmes. I think it is the first time that I can touch the Open Source world, although I didn’t have this feeling in the beginning. In coding days, we can always encounter different problems to solve, and the most way is searching the keywords in search engine, e.g. Goolge, except looking into corresponding User/Developer documents on local pc. Yes, I also did this before and do it always.  Amazing thing happens! There are so many resources I can use to solve a  problem: 1) amount of useful online documents telling you how to do step by step; 2) good places to ask questions and kind people offer helps; 3) different solutions to complete a task which opens one’s mind, e.t.c.  And that’s why I love this world so much.

With the more and more coding and communication with guys from different country, I gradually know the term OpenSource and other languages in such kind of world, e.g. Python.

Two years ago, Richard Stallman, who is the father of Free Software Foundation and writer of well-know GPL , also the leader of Software Freedom Movement, came to China to give a talk about Free Software. I luckily listened this important lesson in TsingHua Unversity and began to know what is Free Software and what’s the differences between it and Open Source, and why there are so many softwares published under GPL. Different things but have the most common features: sharing,  and it will change the world at a more and more deeper extent.

How do I know Python

Also about two year ago, one of my roommates always talked something about Python to me. Although I knew a little about it but it still did not impressed me a lot , because there was not a requirement for me to use it. I found there were so many guys talking about it and now my roommate showing exciting, so I decided to spend some time on investigating it to find what kind of a language can make so many people love it and pay so much attention. After downloading  and installing it and doing some trials, I found that it just needs a very few lines of code to finish a task, which other languages, e.g. C and Java, needs more, what’s more code is easy-readable thus everyone can easily understand what does a function do from reading others’ code.

So if there is some tiny work for me, I always take Python into account at first and it does take greate convience to me. Although it’s a script language, but it can do most thing as other languages and maybe someday I will use it to develope a good and useful software in future.


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