13# Weekly Report [2011/8/15 – 2011/8/21]

Tomorrow is the ‘pencil down’ date, so the most I did in this week is still fixing and improving my code and docs to make all of my contributions a reviewable version.

The detail is:
for develop command
1. enhance docs for develop
2. improve code basing on Mentor’s reviews against my patch
3. merge my developing branch with default and push all changesets to the remote repo
4. show usage of the develop command and listen to opinions from other guys on the bug tracker

for scripts features
1. add docs for automatic scripts generation funtionality
2. improve code basing on reviews
3. merge
4. show what I have done for this feature and what’s the problem I think current patch has, and join in the

Good luck to everyone!
Best wishes to my mentor, he did help me a lot.


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