11# Weekly Report [2011/8/1 – 2011/8/7]

The main work I have done this week is fulfiling the features of ‘develop’ as much as possible, and improving the tests and comments. However, in a long time, I didn’t know what’s the differencies between the comments and docs, and I’m not sure if the comments in current status is enough. After having a short communication with mentor in email, I got to know that the docs in Python code constructed in a formatted documenting language – reStructuredText. I will try to rich the docs of my code as soon as possible, and make it a readable and reviewable version at least.

OK. Let’s come back to the work I have done this week:

1 ‘develop’ command:

1) add uninstall_link function to support ‘uninstall’ option

2) add test function against ‘uninstall’ option

3) improve code and comments(will-be docs)

2 automatic scripts generation:

1) use ‘-w’ or ‘-window’ flag to mark an entry is a kind of ‘gui_scripts’ entry point

2) add kind of ‘gui_scripts’ entry point support in packaging

Tomorrow I will sort the work of scripts generation and write a post to show the status of it. Future work will focus on the docs of ‘develop’ and scripts. Because I’m not that familiar with reStructuredText language before this post, previous plan shown in last weekly report will have a tiny adjustment. Anyway, it’s still very ok for me to complete all the work before the ‘pencils down’ date, so don’t worry about me.

Best regards,

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