status of ‘develop’

Features already implemented:

1) [main use]projects can be importable after installed with this command, without copying any files

2) [‘install-dir’ option] the installation directory can be specified if the default site-packages is not permitted to write, but the specified installing path should be on ‘sys.path’ first; it depends on the user of this command to ‘install’ the project to the default path or to a specified one

3) [‘install-pth’ option] the .pth file installation path can be specified, and it also depends on the user to install the .pth file to which directory. It’s useful when we have no writting rights to the default site-packages

4) [‘distinfo-path’ option] set a specified relative path to be used in the .distinfo-link file. This can be useful in circumstances where your installation directory is being shared by code running under multiple platforms (e.g. Mac and Windows) which have different absolute locations for the code under development, but the same relative locations with respect to the installation directory.

Features should be but not yet implemented:

1) [‘uninstall’ option] remove all the installed files(.pth and .distinfo-link file)

2) [‘no-scripts’ option] tell the command to install the wrapper scripts or not (because the work of adding automatic scripts generation have not yet been finished, so this option has not yet been implemented)

Short plan to perfect this command:

1) implement these two no-implemented features

2) perfect and normlize the docs and tests


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