10# Weekly Report [2011/7/25 – 2011/7/31]

With mentor’s good suggestion and help, the work of adding automatic script generation for packaging is being better and better now, but there are still many places to be improved. One big problem among them is how to put wrapper scripts entries into the ‘scripts’ options, because it may destory the symantics of ‘scripts’ which also would look strange if we do that.

The mainly work I have done in this work also is enhancing current work of script generation. One thing should noted here is that when I write tests I always neglect the side effects caused by my code. For instance, when testing the generated wrapper scripts are runnable or not, we should let the python environment know the path of corresponding modules, so I used ‘sys.path.append(source)’ to achieve it, the problem is that it dirtied current python environment which may affect other test cases’ running. Thus, the best thing we always should do is restoring changed environments after test. For this instance, ‘self.addCleanup(sys.path.remove, source)’ is used here to make sure that the source path is removed from ‘sys.path’ after current test ran.

Well, I’m still looking for a good solution to add the dotted path to support automatic script generation, which can avoid amount of modification to current build_scripts.py.

Now the end of the term is nearing, I should make a short plan here for a more or less perfect result at last.

1) 2011/08/02: sort the work of ‘develop’ command and write a post to show which have been done and which are not. This post should also focus on the docs and tests that need enhanced.

2) 2011/08/03 ~ 2011/08/05: Fulfil the docs and tests of ‘develop’ to a reviewable version.

3) 2011/08/06: sort the work of scripts generation also write a post to show the status and plan in these final days

4) 2011/08/07 ~ 2011/08/10: Fulfil the docs and tests of scripts to a reviewable version.

5) 2011/08/11 ~ : continous enhancing and improving towards ‘develop’ and scripts (even after this term)

Best regards,

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