Cheers for the start of coding!

May 23 is the time that we can begin to code and many wonderful things will happen in future days, so let’s cheers for this important time. Though there still are some difficulties for me especially in the early time, it never stops me from imaging the exciting things that would happen. I think I can make progress or have fun at least in the following aspects:

1) amazing experiences of communicating with mentor and other developers
2) more understanding and knowledgement of OS/FOSS
3) even a bit of contributions to OS/FOSS-here for Distutils2 of Python group
4) advanced and effective tool suites and workflow of coding

GSOC is a valued opportunity for me to know more and learn to make more contributions to others, so I will make the most of it and try my best.

Beer in the glass, happy things in the mind, then let’s cheers! But wait a moment, how are you starting in the following several days before actual coding, because there is still some preparation work to make future coding go more fluently.

Prophase work of coding in these days:
1) do trial work to make the mentioned workflow (see the discussing in the-fellowship-of-the-packaging group) run successfully on my pc
2) continue reading the source code of setuptools to know the details of what the ‘develop’ command actually does
3) learn more about the differences between setuptools and Distutils2, e.g. Egg file and .dist-info directory, and make it clear that what we can utilize from current D2 apis or features to fulfill the ‘develop’ feature of setuptools
4) write an empty function for ‘develop’ command in D2 and a test against it to make all things seem perfect, thus make me get a good feeling of coding
5) begin to code line by line, function by function, problem by problem (encounter a problem, try to solve it, then another problem appear)

Then now, we can say “Cheers! Yeah!”

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