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Source code reading summary [to be continue]

After reading part of the source code of old version distribution tool ‘setuptools/distutils’ and current packaging tool ‘Packaging’, there are some good findings for me, and that’s why I just write them here. With the reading day after day, many … Continue reading

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1# weekly report [2011/5/23 – 2011/5/29]

I think the main topic of this week is preparation, and it’s very important for a newbie as me before actual coding for a project with more than thousands of lines of code. During this week, all we need is … Continue reading

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Find a bug of setuptools: case problem of ‘egg-path’ option of ‘develop’ command on Windows

How do I find this bug? Background: Actually I do not know all the usage of the ‘develop’ command, partly because it maybe never necessary for me to use some options, or partly because I always use it just on … Continue reading

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Cheers for the start of coding!

May 23 is the time that we can begin to code and many wonderful things will happen in future days, so let’s cheers for this important time. Though there still are some difficulties for me especially in the early time, … Continue reading

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